Lenovo ID single sign on

Connect to everything Lenovo with one ID.
Your Lenovo ID connects you seamlessly to all things Lenovo:

  • Shop on Lenovo shopping Web sites.
  • Interact in Lenovo forums.
  • Access Lenovo Apps.
  • Personalize your device support… and much more.
    Access everything you need with one account.
  • Role UX and UI designer
  • For Lenovo
  • Date 2017

User click sign from Lenovo site

If the user chooses social media, Lenovo will direct them to social media page to login

Link user’s social media and Lenovo ID together

Account page- The user can find everything they want to know if one place.

Reset password page

If the user doesn’t want use social media to log in, they can sign up Lenovo ID directly.